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Book a deep-dive 30-minute call to discuss the Gold Circle with one of our team, we'll get to know you and your business, discuss your current blocks and objectives and see what type of support you need. Then we'll see if you would be a good fit for the Gold Circle program. 
(Sorry - not everyone can be accepted!)

what is the gold circle, and who is it for?
(for those who prefer to read!)

Growing a business can be a lonely place. 
You spend all your time in the business. You read all the business books you can find, watch hundreds of videos and more often than not you find yourself selling your time for money, working IN the business rather than ON it, not getting the sales growth or financial rewards that you deserve.
The Gold Circle can have a huge impact on your business through a comprehensive coaching, mentoring, and training program designed to help growing businesses that have progressed through the initial stages of setting up a business, but are having difficulties moving to 'the next level'.

If you're at the stage where:

  • You Have A Business That Is Making At Least £50,000 In Revenue
  • You're Spending all Your Time Working IN The Business Rather Than ON The Business
  • You Need A Plan To Grow Your Business and Get Some of Your Free Time Back
  • ​You're Starting To Think 'It Shouldn't Be Like this'
Join the Gold Circle and generate your first or an additional £150,000 in revenue

How the gold circle will help you

  • Entry To A high level Community of Amazing Business Owners - Get Help Fast
  • ​Focus Your Mindset So You Can Take The Risk Out of Decision Making And Work on key areas of Growth
  • ​Get You Out To Market and Increase The Amount of Conversations You Are Having With Your Ideal customer
  • ​Build A Sales Process That Gets More People Saying yes To You On A Consistent Basis
  • ​Build A Business Strategy That Makes You More Money So You Are No Longer Discounting Your Prices Or Selling Your Time
  • ​Show Your Value And Get Paid What You Are Worth
  • ​Understand The Key Business Numbers So You Can Invest In The Right Areas
  • ​Build A Brand That Makes You Stand Out And Ascend To The Top of The Market So You Become More Revered And Sought After

what is included in the gold circle?

Gold Circle Members receive the full support of Adam and our coaching team for a full 12 months to help them plan, execute and reach the goal of generating their first or an additional £150,000 in revenue. It's more than just coaching. It's a complete program of in-person and online training, support, special events celebrity branding and resources delivered by a team of experts whose goal is to see you succeed. The Gold Circle gives business owners the skills they need to grow a business and Increase revenue. 

the program is based on Adam's 5-stage Gold Circle checkpoints

the gold circle checkpoints

  • The Business Foundations: We look at the fundamental questions that lay the foundation of your business. You'll explore your target audience, clearly define your offerings, identify the optimal sales process, determine the ideal location for reaching your customers, and calculate the number of conversations needed for conversion. By laying the foundations correctly, you'll set yourself up for long-term success.
  • Business Into Brand: Here we focus on transforming your business into a recognisable brand. We'll help you introduce yourself effectively, highlight the problems your product or service solves, craft a compelling brand story, and gather proof of your capabilities. This checkpoint is all about creating a powerful brand presence that resonates with your target market.
  • Conversations Grow Businesses: The importance of effective communication and relationship-building cannot be overestimated. At this checkpoint, you'll develop a persuasive message and understand the mathematics behind successful conversions. By mastering the art of conversations, you'll unlock incredible growth opportunities for your business.
  • Execution: We guide you through the process of turning your plans into action. You'll learn how to deliver a powerful demonstration of your product or service, allocate budget resources effectively, manage your time efficiently, and get started on executing your strategies. This checkpoint empowers you to make tangible progress and propel your business forward.
  • Conversions: Conversions checkpoint focuses on the pivotal moment of closing deals. You'll discover how to create irresistible offers, craft persuasive scripts, efficiently deliver your products or services, and optimise your conversion rates. This checkpoint equips you with the necessary tools to turn leads into paying customers, ensuring a steady stream of revenue for your business.

world class training - online and in-person

As a Gold Circle Member, you will immediately benefit from all the coaching and support you could ever need:
  • Instant Access to the Gold Circle Checkpoint System
  • ​Full Support From Adam, Your Program Manager and our Expert Coaching Team
  • ​Instant Business Network of High-Level Business Owners
  • ​Exclusive Gold Circle Special Events
  • ​12x In-Person Gold Circle Mastermind Mentoring Days
  • ​Big Picture 1-2-1 Strategy Session
  • ​Private 1-2-1 Coaching Session with Adam
  • ​24x Hot Seat Coaching Sessions with Adam
  • ​52x Weekly Big Business Family Coaching Sessions
  • ​12x 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions with our Sales, Marketing, Mindset and Social Media Coaches
  • ​Bring a Business or Life Partner for Free
  • ​Full Access To Online 'Skool' Community
  • ​Instant Support via WhatsApp Group
  • ​Celebrity Branding Opportunities
  • ​The Gold Circle 10x Guarantee

gold circle success

hear from some of our clients and the success that the gold circle has helped them create

“for the first time ever i have 5x what my nursing pay was and i am close to my first £10k month, ”

Aliyah Kahn - Restore Skin & Health

“i've seen the return on investment in such an impactful way. for the first time ever my business has a 6-figure turnover. It's next level”

Marky Kwaku - Adiwam Success Solutions

“I had some tremendous breakthroughs, it has resulted in a lot more business. my financial situation has improved dramatically”

Stephen Pitcher - St James Place Wealth Management

“He has helped us get from a zero valuation to a one million pound valuation.”

Chris Clowes - HC Media Group

what will happen on your call?

We understand that time is a precious resource, and we assure you this consultation is not merely a sales call disguised in sheep's clothing. It's about you, your business, and how we can assist you in taking it to the next level.
The focus of our discussion will be centred around understanding you and your business, its strengths, its challenges, and its untapped potential.

here's what to expect

  • Understanding Your Business: We'll kick off the conversation by getting to know you and your business. What's been working so far, what hasn't, and what are your ambitions for the future?
  • Identifying Your Blocks: Together, we'll scrutinize the hurdles that have been slowing down your growth or limiting your success. We'll discuss the gaps in your current strategies and the issues they may be causing.
  • ​Strategising For Success: Based on our conversation, we'll pinpoint some areas of opportunity and propose actionable changes you can make to drive success. These suggestions are based on best practices we've gleaned from years of helping businesses just like yours succeed.
  • Assessing the Fit: Lastly, we'll explore whether our Gold Circle Training Program aligns with your needs and objectives. It's vital to us that we only recommend our program if we genuinely believe it's the best solution for you.
This call is exclusively for businesses generating a turnover of more than £50K. We're not here to make a quick sale, but to establish a valuable relationship built on mutual growth and success.
If you're ready for transformational change, then book your consultation today.

who is the business circle 'not' for?

The Gold Circle is a training program for business owners who have progressed through the initial stages of business. If you are yet to make your first £50,000 in turnover, Gold Circle is not for you (you need Business Circle).
In addition, if you are already running a successful multiple 6-figure or even 7-figure business you will be most suited to Inner Circle.
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